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4-Freedom | Rent a Room

4-Freedom |Intermediary

Looking for a student room, studio or apartment to rent? Check our offers here to see what’s for rent at the moment. We rent out studios, student rooms in student homes and rented houses in all big cities including, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Delft, Den Haag, Groningen, Nijmegen Tilburg and Rotterdam.

As soon as you are registered, you can start responding. Registration is for free. As soon as the registration form is filled, multiple searches can be made.

After your registration:

After completing the registration, the quest for an appropriate place to live, starts.

  • Our websites shows you which rooms and apartments are available.
  • Via e-mail we give you notice about new rental rooms/houses


If you respond to a room, and if you are a suitable candidate, we will invite you te meet the other tenants. They will select wich candidate will get the room. This is called 'hospiteren'.

If you respond to an apartment or studio, there will be no 'hospiteren'.

We don't charge any registrationfee. You only have to pay if we find a suitable room/apartment that you will rent. So: no cure, no pay! Read our conditions here.