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Why 4-Freedom

  • Eerlijk en transparant
  • Goede service
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4-Freedom | Conditions

4- Freedom | Conditions per January 2014

Free registration

If you are looking for a room, apartment or studio, registration on our website is for free. We will keep you informed of our offers via e-mail. Registration is for free; you only pay after an appropriate match is made and when a lease contract is signed. By registering you request 4-Freedom to find you an appropriate place to live. This on a no win no fee basis.

Costs when accepting a 4-Freedom student room

Are you going to rent a 4-Freedom student room? The add on our website will always displays the total cost we charge. This way you'll know in advance what you have to pay.

Administrationfee and deposit(bond)

When renting a room from 4-Freedom, a single amount of €250,- has to be paid for our services. Besides that, a bond has to be paid in advance to the landlord. Often, the amount for the bond is a month of rent. The bond is paid back when you leave your room, and then room is not damaged and all the keys are returned.

If you rent an apartement or studio, higher rates apply.

Intermediary of third party rentals

We also mediate for our members for room placements and apartment placements that are NOT in the management of 4-Freedom. When you rent such a room you found on our website, 50% of one month rent plus 250,- euro will be charged as mediation/administration costs.

Our quality standard for third party rentals

  • Rooms are empty, tidy and ready for paint or wallpaper,
  • Allowance to register as your living address,
  • A one month notice applies,
  • Rent includes gas, water and electricity,
  • Often, TV & internet is included in rent.

More details about rates for renting a room from 4-Freedom

  • Changing rooms in the same home costs €90,- for administration and setting up a new rental contract.
  • With the owners permission, temporary renting out your room to a sub tenant, will cost €90, -. This is for registration, setting up and signing the subletting contract. You will always be held responsible for your monthly rental payments.