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4-Freedom | Investment

4-Freedom | Investment

Your home is for sale. It is not selling? Considering for temporary rent to generate income or to prevent double housing costs?

Since 2012 the vacancy law has been eased. It is more attractive to rent out your house for sale.

It is easier for a landlord to get permits via the municipality. These permits are directly provided for 5 years. It’s your call to decide your rental price and you don’t have to guarantee tenant protection.

The advantages of renting out your house that is for sale:

  • The home looks inhabited, prevents burglary, improves marketability
  • Prevents impoverishment and squatting
  • Generating income through renting out your property

The disadvantages of renting out your house that is for sale:

  • Tenants can neglect your home

Due to a good screening of tenants the above disadvantage can be prevented. 4-Freedom helps you find the appropriate tenants. Besides that, we have a lot of experience with the vacancy law. Contact us for more information.