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Why 4-Freedom

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  • Goede service
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  • Goede woningen
  • Professioneel

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4-Freedom | Management

Professional rental of your property | priceless via 4-Freedom

Since 2005, 4-Freedom is active on nationwide base in continuous renting out hundreds of apartments, student homes, studios and homes. Rent out your home? You can safely let us take care of the lease of your property. We have many years of experience with:

  • Rental contracts, rental rights, rental constructions
  • Municipal regulation
  • Fire safety issues (in case of room rentals
  • Vacancy permits (in case of temporary rent
  • Rent out of second properties in pending of purchase
  • Screen and select appropriate prospective tenants for renting

Satisfied tenants, satisfied landlords


Finding tenants for your home is not complicated. We pride ourselves on a good approach on the whole rental section and with the follow-up from management. In order to stay out of risk, you as a landlord need to hold on to certain rules. Tenants need to be satisfied as well. A high rent creates discontent, a lot of tenant changes and procedures. The selection of prospective tenants is maybe the most important aspect.


Renting out your home goes as followed:

  • Determine target group and rules, requirements of the tenants
  • Determine price for the property to be rent
  • Advertising of your property to the audience
  • Viewings
  • Set-up and sign of rental contract
  • Financial handling
  • Handing over keys

Being well-prepared

There is a lot more to keep in mind when renting out your home. We love to give you free advice. Let us help you support the rental of your home. We will guarantee you good results! Call us immediately for an appointment! 0900 - 77 55 222 (option 3, outside office hours, option 1).

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