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4-Freedom | Your Broker for Investment Properties

A home, student home or an investment property

You as an investor are looking for a safe investment with a great efficiency. Buying a student home or an investment property is not easy. Not every home or property is suitable for rent or sale. Keep in consideration that you will have to deal with lots of laws and regulations (permits). In some areas room rentals are not allowed according to the allocation plan or through the housing regulation. Pay good attention on apartments, is rent allowed in the deed of partition? Do you need permission from the HOA (Home Owners Association)?

Stop searching….

Kantoor 4-Freedom | Nijmegen

On a daily basis 4-Freedom are searching for ‘the real’interesting investment properties. Therefore we can offer our clients and private investors the best and most appropriate student homes and room-rental properties.Your personal real estate agent makes the rate of return calculation, advises about optimal remodelling of the home before renting out. The agent will negotiate the most low possible purchase price. The current market offers you a lot of opportunities for that matter. You will take the first rate of return directly.

Feel at home in commercial real estate

4-Freedom has a very broad network within real estate, concerning investment properties and room rentals. On a daily basis many interesting real estate opportunities are offered to 4-Freedom throughout the Netherlands. Your personal real estate agent helps you search and select the right property for you. We make the rate of return calculation, arrange an optimal financing and if necessary, the organisation of the lease and the management. Do you wish to receive optional information or advise? Do you want exchange views or discuss ideas with us? Feel free to contact us.