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Why 4-Freedom

  • Eerlijk en transparant
  • Goede service
  • Gemak en zorgeloosheid
  • Goede woningen
  • Professioneel

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4-Freedom | Property Management

4-Freedom | Real estate/property management

Real estate/property management

We can organise the lease of the property in an efficient and professional way, after the property has been purchased and leased. Besides the lease, you can outsource the full management of your properties to 4-Freedom. We relieve you as much as possible. We are the point of contact for your tenants, for all common cases.

We offer 3 management packages:

  • -4-Freedom Lease basis
  • -4-Freedom Total
  • -4-Freedom Luxury

Package rates vitiates from 5% - 10% over rental income.

Nearly no vacancy!*

What is the content of the management?

  • -Continuous leasing
  • -Leasing contracts and administration
  • -Viewings/visits and inspections
  • -Rental payments and collection
  • -Solving disorders and incidents
  • -Enabling contractors and handymen
  • -More.. (Landlord, postal service, home rules)

We provide customised work and we would love to discuss with you all the possibilities we have. Contact us for more information.

* Of all hundreds of properties managed by 4-freedom, less than 1% is empty. If vacancy exists its due to an external cause. For many years we manage to keep all properties rented. This is a big advantage for investments in room letting in comparison with commercial real estate.