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4-Freedom | Investment Properties

4-Freedom | Investment property offers

We often get the question if we have a real-time selection to offer of investment properties. Yes and No. We dont sell investment properties ourselves, we search for properties and sell them to you. Therefore we take completely to heart your interests as a buyer.

There are many parties who sell investment properties; we source ours from a huge range allowing us to help make the perfect choice for you.

Choose us as your real estate agent if you wish to be offered the most interesting possibilities.

Interesting properties

Of course we have our overview selection of interesting investment properties. Yet this overview is exclusively for our customers. The intern offers changes rapidly, we have beautiful properties with a good return rate, and they are purchased quickly.

More investment property offers

Do you wish to look around for yourself at first before turning to us for the purchase accompaniment? Have a look on is one of nation wide bidders in investment properties. Did you find your own property? Let us help you save thousands of euros in the negotiation process.


Make sure you do your homework; this will save you a lot of problems afterwards. Keep in consideration: tradability, property state, real property value, necessary municipal permits, fire safety, rental contracts, and quality of the tenants. 4-Freedom would love to help you with your purchase. We make sure you have complete peace of mind during the purchase process.