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4-Freedom | Buying Investment Properties, Advantages Summarised

4-Freedom | Buying investment property | Advantages summarised

You want to buy an investment property? Choose for 4-Freedom!

  • -Time saving

You tell us what you want and we will find you the most appropriate investment property. We will help you guide through the purchase process of your property. You dont have to spend days searching. We know the real estate market and search it daily; its like a sport. We will do it for you! And we will be the very first.

  • -Money saving

Negotiation is our specialty. We know the real value of the investment property youre interested in buying. We also have the best network of parties to finance your investment property. Do you wish to finance your property? Our financial specialist knows where to go for the best mortgage. You never pay too much!

  • -First choice

Via our extended network we get daily offers of new investment properties. Even before they are placed on the actual real estate market. If someone is selling his investment property, do you wish to be the first to know? There are dozens of websites out there, the 4-freedom difference is that we dont 'search', we find! That is our job.

  • -No mistakes taken

Some parties online sell investment properties based on rental incomes and associated rate of return. These return rates look very tempting. Dont forget, the higher the rate of return, the higher the risk. What happens when the tenant terminates rent? What is the value of your empty property? And in which easy way you find new tenants?

  • -We know the laws and regulations

We do the zoning, help you with permits applications and ensure you that nothing will be forgotten. Having the right permits is also a bank and insurance requirement for providing mortgage on your property.

  • -After your purchase we will take all of your worries with us.

Remodelling, rental and management of your property, selecting appropriate tenants: you are in good hands with us. In practice it is all about certainty: the liability of the tenants and continuity of the lease.

Choose for certainty, financial advantage and ease. Choose 4-Freedom.

Buying investment property? More information? Respond directly via our contact form.