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Why 4-Freedom

  • Eerlijk en transparant
  • Goede service
  • Gemak en zorgeloosheid
  • Goede woningen
  • Professioneel

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4-Freedom | Invest

7 Reasons….

Why 4-Freedom should take care of your purchase of investment property or properties:

  1. We work on a no-win, no fee basis. You only pay when the results are good.
  2. We have an extensive network in real estate whereby we get great daily offers
  3. You save a lot of money; you will avoid risks and pitfalls – since we have already learnt from our mistakes.
  4. You will use our rate of return calculator; this will show you if everything is correct
  5. We as experienced negotiators will make sure you have the best purchase possible.
  6. We advise you about rent, contracts, room rental permits and fire safety.
  7. After your real estate purchase, feel free to make use of our service for lease and management of your properties.

7 redenen, ...

Why you should buy investment property:

  1. A decrease in investment property prices in recent years
  2. The market is currently on a technical ground
  3. There is a wide negotiation range between asking price and purchase price
  4. Inflation looms, real estate is a haven for your money
  5. Mortgage interest is low (at this moment)
  6. Real estate showed that it is a valuable investment on long term
  7. Increasing demand for rooms and homes guarantees your operation efficiency